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Letter to President George W. Bush, 28 February 2006

Published 28 February 2006

Saintes, 28 February 2006

Mr George W. Bush


United States of America

White House

Washington D.C.

Dear Mr President,

Our association joins Mayors for Peace in protesting the latest subcritical nuclear test carried out on 23 February by the United States of America in the Nevada test facilities, in cooperation with the United Kingdom. We approve and support the letter which Mayors for Peace sent to you on this subject.

We think that all nuclear states parties to the NPT, including the US, the UK and France, should stop any kind of "vertical proliferation" and should begin without delay negotiations in good faith for fulfilling their commitment under Article VI of NPT to eliminate their nuclear arsenals. That is actually the only way to convince non-nuclear states that they have to respect their own part of the Treaty.

We seize this opportunity to beg you not to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities or any other target, and to search for a purely diplomatic solution to the current crisis. We think that the best way forward could be found in Iran totally renouncing all nuclear facilities, either civilian or military ones, and in the international community assisting Iran to develop renewable energy from sun, wind, hydroelectricity, geothermal resources, wave power or other possible sources. These efforts in research and development aimed at building a sustainable and peaceful world would be of benefit also to your own country and to every country in the world.

That is how we think you could go down in history as a great figure who saved humankind of self-destruction.

Respectfully yours,


Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes

Jean-Marie Matagne, president

L'argent est le nerf de la paix ! ACDN vous remercie de lui

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