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Appeal for a French referendum on the abolition of nuclear weapons

Since 27 October 2016, the abolition of nuclear arms is on the agenda of the UN. But France, as well as the US, UK and Russia did vote against the convening in 2017 of a Conference to negotiate a Ban Treaty of nuclear weapons. But there is a hope to change this position.
Today, at the same time when the Conference for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty meets in New York, 124 French MPs and senators are calling for a referendum on this question, which has never been debated by the French people. (...)

Published 27 March 2017 [ lire la suite ]

London, Paris, New York: End State Terror so as to End Terrorism

ACDN PRESS RELEASE, 24 March 2017 The attack in London confirms the failure of the atom bomb. Her Majesty’s missiles and 225 atom bombs failed to deter her subject Khalid Massood from killing other British subjects with a car and two knives. In the fight against terrorism, the billions of pounds spent on renewing the Trident system are a total loss. At the most they will contribute to the break-up of the United Kingdom by inciting Her Majesty’s Scottish subjects, already opponents of (...)

Published 25 March 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Open Letter To Benoît Hamon
French MP and candidate in the Presidential Elections

He says he’s of the Left. He claims to be green, democratic, humanistic. But he is in favour of atom bombs forever, and refuses (though an elected MP) to put the nuclear question to his fellow-citizens. Hold a referendum? No thanks, not about that!
Presidents come and go, and the French Republic - an advocate of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, a mouthpiece for Human Rights, an opponent of Capital Punishment – continues to polish and brandish these massacre weapons. Politicians put (...)

Published 10 February 2017 [ lire la suite ]

28 January 2017
From Marine Le Pen to Benoît Hamon, the presidential hopefuls are dancing on a volcano

1 January 2017
2017, a Year of Many Dangers and Only One Hope

24 December 2016
A Burst of Sunshine in a Stormy Sky : in 2017 the UN will convene negotiations for the banning of nuclear weapons

14 December 2016
"Citizens’ Primaries": the Authority declares itself incompetent to address ACDN’s questions

29 November 2016
UN Security Council Seats Taken by Arms Exporters

23 November 2016
France, the People and the Atom Bomb

12 November 2016
Will Trump Be Another Republication Nuclear Weapons Disarmer?

Last news
Saturday 25 March 2017
Campaigns for Presidency and Legislature: the EELV party supports the Referendum

Thursday 16 March 2017
On Saturday, 11 March, the Federal Council of the French Green Party "Europe Ecologie - les Verts" (EELV) decided to sign the Appeal for a Referendum and asks candidates to commit to nuclear disarmament and Parliamentarians to sign the bill for a referendum. The (...)

Wednesday 18 January 2017
Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for nuclear disarmament

Xi Jinping has called for a world without nuclear weapons in his address at the World Economic Forum. The Chinese president also spoke out in favor of a multilateral world based on equality among big and small countries.
In a landmark address in Davos on Wednesday, Xi held a speech to campaign (...)

Thursday 12 January 2017
Remembering Justice C.G. Weeramantry, Humanist Par Excellence

Weeramantry’s nine years in the ICJ were characterised by several key judicial opinions which enriched the judicial methodology of the court amidst ushering in a breadth of creative borrowing from diverse sources. He is most well-known for his dissent in the Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinion 1996 (...)

Tuesday 20 December 2016
The home of a Greenpeace executive searched by the DGSI

Monday, 19 December 2016
On Tuesday, December 13, the home of Yannick Rousselet, a nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace France, was searched by officials from the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). According to Yannick Rousselet, they acted "by order of the public prosecutor of the (...)

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