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3rd AWSF, Paris, 2-4 November 2017 :
Everything’s Going Great, Monsieur le Président.

The third Antinuclear World Social Forum (FSMA in French) met in Paris on 2-4 Novemeber 2017. Around 450 people from over 20 countries took part. It was a clear success.
On 5 November a delegation went to Bure, a key site in the struggle against the burial of nuclear wastes.
Below, you will find echoes of the event, which included a song-message which the participants sang the previous day, on the Place de la République, directed at President Macron, using the [famously ironic] tune of (...)

Published 15 November 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Marching On towards Nuclear Crime

Published in French 19 october 2017 The Government and the EDF (Electricité de France), in their long march to get the Flamanville EPR into service, have just passed an important milestone, with the blessing of the Council of State on 16 October. It is now well-known that EPR is not just a financial abyss, a textbook case of trickery, negligence, cheating, dissimulations and misappropriations, but also a technological aberration, a cluster of malpractices, and the most brilliant promise (...)

Published 20 October 2017 [ lire la suite ]

The Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons. What Now?

Published in French on 6 October 2017
On 7 July 2017 in New York, 122 nations approved a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons. All UN member states are invited to sign and ratify it, as from 20 September 2017. It will enter into force three months after the 50th ratification. (1) Most French people are unaware of this, yet it is an event of major importance.
The end of an exception.
After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear arms race engendered by the Cold War threatened humankind, and (...)

Published 6 October 2017 [ lire la suite ]

6 October 2017
Nobel Prize for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

21 September 2017
In New York, and in the Bure Region (Champagne), France Digs Herself Deeper into Nuclear Folly

3 August 2017
Letter to the President of the French Republic

8 July 2017
Is Nuclear Deterrence Dead?

23 June 2017
Nuclear Deterrence

15 June 2017
Direct from New York: the UN Conference for a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

9 May 2017
France should hear the speech of common sense of Austria

Last news
Thursday 3 August 2017
Flame at Half-Mast for Nuclear Disarmament

The Nuclear Disarmament Flame, which has burnt in Saintes (Charente-Maritime) every year since 2001 from August 6th to 9th to commemorate the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to call for a world without nuclear weapons, will not burn this year.
It could (...)

Thursday 8 June 2017
South Korea suspends deployment of American missile defense system

An official from the president’s office Wednesday said that the missile defense system would be frozen as it is.
“We are not saying the two launchers and other equipment that has already been deployed should be withdrawn. But those that have yet to be deployed will have to wait,” a senior (...)

Friday 5 May 2017
NPT PrepCom in Vienna: Statement by Austria

delivered by Ambassador Franz Josef Kuglitsch Head of Disarmament Department May 5, 2017
  Mr. President,
Austria aligns itself with the statement delivered earlier on behalf of the European Union. Let me add some remarks from the national perspective.
For Austria, non-proliferation and (...)

Tuesday 2 May 2017
21 French Personalities call for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Sunday 30 April 2017
On the initiative of former Defense Minister Paul Quilès, 21 personalities have signed an appeal to the next French President for France to join the current UN discussions for the banning of nuclear weapons. These negotiations, which resume in June, bring together 132 (...)

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