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French Elections
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Two and a Half Minutes to Doomsday
From Marine Le Pen to Benoît Hamon, the presidential hopefuls are dancing on a volcano

Published in French on 27 January 2017 We are heading for a planetary catastrophe, we are living on a powder-keg with a lighted fuse, or, if you prefer, at the foot of a volcano about to erupt. Meanwhile France’s candidates for the role of nuclear button-pusher are doing a belly-dance in front of the fuse, or, if you prefer, a farandole on the tip of the volcano. It’s a magnificent spectacle. They are magnificently unaware. Apocalypse Now
For 70 years, the atomic scientists have (...)

Published 28 January 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Lead-up to Presidential Elections 2017
"Citizens’ Primaries": the Authority declares itself incompetent to address ACDN’s questions
Exchange of Emails

The Authority in charge of "Citizens’ Primaries" did receive ACDN’s message of 11 December, but refused it as being outside its area of competence. Here is our message:
Saintes, 11 December 2016
Mesdames, Messieurs,
Considering that
Nuclear weapons represent the gravest danger to human beings, including French citizens;
Their abolition, i.e. their banning and total elimination under strict and effective control, is the only solution that can seriously end this danger;
Recognising (...)

Published 14 December 2016 [ lire la suite ]

Nukes in the French presidential election
Nicolas Sarkozy considering the future role of nuclear weapons in our system of defense
Writing to ACDN

On 18 April 2007, the UMP Candidate wrote to the president of ACDN, who at the same time objected to a previous letter from Nicolas Sarkozy.
It is difficult to believe, but these letters represent the only occasion when Nicolas Sarkozy or any other official candidate explicitly mentioned the role of nuclear weapons in his policy of defense.
to Monsieur Jean-Marie MATAGNE
President of ACDN
Translated by Peter Low
Dear (...)

Published 28 April 2007 [ lire la suite ]

28 March 2007
OPEN LETTER to the candidates for the Presidency of the French Republic and the Command of "PC Jupiter".

22 March 2007
Will the French Constitutional Council invalidate the candidacies of Ségolène Royal, Nicolas Sarkozy et Jean-Marie Le Pen?

17 March 2007
Does François Bayrou really want nuclear disarmament ?

11 March 2007

5 March 2007
Segolene Royal disapproves of horizontal proliferation and approves of vertical proliferation

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