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Gathering for a Livable World/ Rencontres pour un Monde Vivable (RMV)
Wednesday 4 September 2013

- Tuesday 22 October 8.30 pm at the Théâtre Gallia
In the lead-up to the Rencontres pour un Monde Vivable (RMV) :
- Screening of the film Les moissons du futur (Harvests of the future)
- In the presence of the film-maker Marie-Monique Robin (provisionally)
- Followed by a discussion and dedication of her work:
Les moissons du futur : Comment l’agrobiologie peut nourrir le monde
(Harvests of the future : how agrobiology can feed the world)

Gathering for a Livable World/ Rencontres pour un Monde Vivable (RMV)
Saintes, 25-27 October 2013, Salle Saintonge

Organised by ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire) and ATTAC 17

With the support of:

The City of Saintes, the Foundation for a Human Earth, the Farmers’ Confederation, the Teaching League, the League for Human Rights, and the « Nuclear Phase-Out » network.

All events are open to the public and are held in the Saintonge building

Friday 25 October

- 6pm Opening of the RMV Gathering: Lighting of the Nuclear Disarmament Flame
and presentation of the programme to the public
in the presence of the NGOs, personalities, speakers and participants

- 7pm: Buffet dinner

- 8pm : Screening of the film « Agent Orange, a delayed-action bomb » (52 mn)
Introduced by André Bouny

- 9pm : Roundtable Discussion
"Armed conflicts driven by economic, social, food-supply and environmental issues...
Is it possible to live in peace in a world at war?"

Saturday 26 October

- From 9am to 6pm : Workshops
- Each workshop is introduced by several speakers with specialist knowledge

Four Themes:
- "Peace and disarmament"
- "Institutional justice, social justice, economics and solidarity"
- "Food, water, health"
- "Environment, climate, energy, alternatives to nuclear power"

- Unifying thread : Democracy as a goal and a means of operating

- Confirmed speakers:

- Leila Aïchi, Senator of Paris, Secretary of the Senate Commission for Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces

-  André Bouny, founder of D.E.F.I. Vietnam, chairman of the International Committee to support the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange, author of Agent Orange, Apocalypse Viet-Nam

- David Cayla, economist, member of Economistes atterrés, researcher at GRANEM and lecturer at the University of Angers

- André Grimaldi, Professor of Endocrinology at Pitié Salpêtrière, author of Hospitals afflicted by finance disease, co-author of Manifesto for equality and solidarity in health.

- Bernard Laponche, nuclear engineer, former memebr of the CEA, eneregy expert, co-founder of Global Chance, the Friends of Enercoop, Shared Energy, author of Mastering energy for a livable world, and Getting rid of nuclear power, why and how.

- Jean-Marie Matagne, Ph.D, founder of the Oléron Experimental School, president of ACDN, author of L’insoutenance. Power and nuclearism, an impossible debate, Getting rid of nuclear terror, and Disarm and Live!

- Jean-Claude Pierre, founder of Eaux et rivières de Bretagne and the Cohérence network, author of Provided it lasts! (Sustainable development in question) and The Gaïa Appeal

- Nasser Zammit, Ph.Ds in international relations and diplomacy, and in political science, author of Africa and the question of the environment

- 6pm Concert, Auditorium Saintonge

Sunday 27 October

- 10am : Parallel workshops : our means of action as citizens

- 11. 30am : Plenary session: synthesis of work done, final resolution
Current relevance of the Charter for a Livable World*
*readable in French via

- 1pm : Festive Meal

- Open entry as long as places are available
- Registration recommended
- Unfixed contribution to organising costs
- Meals available on registration for Saturday midday, Saturday evening and Sunday midday
- Information, registrations:


L'argent est le nerf de la paix ! ACDN vous remercie de lui
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