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Take the High Road out of War

Parliament needs to let the French people have their say on the subject of preparing peace and preventing doomsday

Published 24 February 2023

Press release, ACDN

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing fighting were not wanted by the Russian people, but just by Vladimir Putin and his vassals.

The Ukrainian people are heroically resisting this imperialist-type aggression and need to be actively supported until peace is reestablished in law and justice.

But Vladimir Putin is trampling on international law behind the shelter of his nuclear weapons - as others have done in the past, for example in Iraq, and may well do in the future.
The current international order, or rather disorder, founded on violence and existential threat favours domination by the military-industrial complexes and engenders war. This is what the world’s people need to fight and defeat.

The peoples of Ukraine, Russia, France, and Europe need to unite to have their voices heard and to ensure the victory of commonsense and peace - and these can win only with the abolition of nuclear weapons, which not only maintain a climate of confrontation, threat and fear, but could trigger the end of humankind - since nobody knows what is going on in the head of a man holding that power.

Despite the war in Ukraine, seven out of ten French citizens want France to initiate negotiations among the nuclear-armed states - including France and Russia - negotiations which they are required to have with the goal of eliminating all nuclear arms. And a large number of French citizens wish to say this by means of a referendum.*

For this to happen, all that is needed is for 20% of MPs and senators to sign a Referendum Bill.**

Parliamentarians and citizens, unite! It is time to act for a world without wars and without nuclear weapons.***

ACDN, 24 February 2023


PDF - 141.8 kb

Les Français et la participation de la France à l’abolition des armes nucléaires et radioactives (Sondage IFOP-ACDN, septembre 2022)

PDF - 178.7 kb

Proposition de Loi référendaire

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Formulaire de soutien