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Great Success for Anti-Globalisation Gathering in the Larzac

translated from the weekly "Haute Saintonge"

Published 15 August 2003

The size of the gathering in the Larzac exceeded all the organisers’
expectations. At midday on Saturday, an estimated 150 000 people were
already present, and there was an enormous crowd walking the 5-6
final kilometres on Saturday afternoon and evening.

The organisers of this gathering deserve thanks for their
extraordinary work, as do the numerous volunteers who helped it to
happen in a very convivial atmosphere.

ACDN had a much-visited stand and collected thousands of signatures
for its petitions, notably the "World Appeal to Rid the Planet of
all Weapons of Mass Destruction’. It organised a debate on Nuclear
Disarmament for Friday 8 August, chaired by Jean-marie Matagne, and
this attracted about 400 people. Passioante exchanges of views took
place. The same can be said for the debate on Energy Choices for
France, attended by even more, which the "Sortir du Nucléaire" group
held the following day under the chairmanship of its spokesperson
Stéphane Lhomme.

In both debates, ACDN drew attention to the grave and imminent danger
caused bu nuclear arms in the current international situation, and
went on to insist on the close links between civil and military
nuclear technologies, and to call for two-pronged actions to bring
France to a rapid decision on exiting methodically from nuclearism.

Radio-Larzac broadcast on Saturday morning a quarter-hour interview
on this theme with Jean-Marie Matagne, and this will be rebroadcast
in full on Radio-Transparence and on the network of citizens-group
stations of South-West France.