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France is well on the way to another Fukushima

Published 11 March 2015

On 10 March 2011, Japan had 54 nuclear reactors producing electricity. On 11 March an earthquake of unprecedented size, followed by a tsunami, ravaged the NE coast of the principal island, Honshu, at the latitude of Fukushima. The disaster killed thousands and triggered a nuclear catastrophe, likewise unprecedented, which is still continuing and is permanently leaking radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean.

Thirteen months later Japan no longer had a single electro-nuclear reactor in operation. And since then, despite the Japanese government’s attempt to reopen a few reactors, the 130 million Japanese people have lived, produced, and consumed without them – though they have to limit their energy consumption and prepare for sustainable alternatives. To achieve this outcome, it took a catastrophe. Yet the catastrophe had been foreseen and announced by the most clear-sighted Japanese scientists, and publicized by anti-nuclear campaigners like Satomi Oba (WISE Japan), the director of Plutonium Action Hiroshima, who from 2003 onwards was begging Japan to EXIT FROM NUCLEAR MADNESS.

France has 58 reactors in operation today, the same number as in 2011. Not one fewer, and soon one more will open - the EPR at Flamanville – if it does eventually produce electricity, given that it is already five years late in its construction and has cost three times its original budget, despite the shameless exploitation of hundreds of foreign workers by the swindlers who run our nation’s grand enterprises.

France’s leaders are setting an example of stubbornness in criminal stupidity. If tomorrow or next week France were to be hit by a catastrophe like those of Chernobyl or Fukushima, or worse, they would be to blame. But we – the consumers, citizens and taxpayers – would be the victims, we would pay the price with our bodies.

From the President down to the MPS, notably the senators who are impudent enough to want to erase the derisory proposals of the so-called “energy transition bill” in the Senate-Assembly Commission,

including the PM and the so-called Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, these gentlemen and ladies are competing for the prize of unawareness and irresponsibility.

We invite them to prove the harmlessness of nuclear technology by going away to live with their families in the Fukushima district. And why not? To help the hapless workers of Japan’s nuclear industry to “liquidate” the fusion reactors.