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Airport, Thousand Cows, Nuclear Strike-Force, STOP! Have pity on the cows, and the humans too!

Published 3 July 2014

Tuesday 1 July 2014

ACDN joins in solidarity with the national gathering taking place on July 5-6 at Notre Dame des Landes, and with the convergence of caravans coming from all over France. ACDN will be present on July 2 when the western branch of the convergence pauses in Rochefort and Champservé (Charente maritime).

What these activities aim to say to all the authorities concerned is this: Abandon now the useless imposed airport planned for Notre Dame des Landes! Abandon now the other useless grand projects imposed undemocratically’

Among these foolish Grand Projects is the “Thousand Cow Farm” for which some activist sof the Framers Confederation have been taken to court. What was their crime? To have protested against the opening of a concentration-camp for cows!

Among the current Grand Projects is one that was launched in the 1950s. It was implemented long ago, and has been continuously modernized: nuclear weapons. These are massacre weapons, arms for crimes against humanity, for mutual destrcuton, for collective suicide. They are “fundamentally dangerous, extraordinarily expensive, militarily useless and morally indefensible”, as the US General Lee Butler, former head of Strategic Air Command, said in 1996.

They are unusable, even for deterrence, as President Giscard d’Estaing admitted. Yet France has spent over 300 billion euros on them since 1945, that is 4-5 billion per year for this “Maginot Line” which serves only to encourage proliferation and multipy the risks of intended or accidental catastrophe. What immense wastage, what huge danger: it is a project imposed from the top without consultation, and not only useless but harmful and lethal by its very nature.

"Are you in favour of France participating with the other states concerned in the complete elimination of nuclear weapons under mutual international control that is strict and effective? “

Let’s insist on being consulted on this question! Let’s insist on a referendum! There are lives at stake – including our own!