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Russia is Preparing for a Nuclear War

Published 3 November 2015

Monday 2 November 2015

After the latest meeting of the Russian Federation’s Security Council, the Council’s head declared that Vladimir Putin has given orders to prepare the country to face a nuclear war, in connection with the threat of a US “First Strike”, which appears clearly in the US military doctrine.

« Нужно проанализировать, насколько они отвечают реалиям сегодняшнего дня и при необходимости провести соответствующие коррективы. Уже в ближайшее время следует провести инвентаризацию индивидуальных средств защиты граждан, определить, какие из них морально и технически устарели, и выработать меры по восполнению запасов таких средств за счет современных образцов, но только на отечественной базе »

Vladimir Putin has ordered a stock-take, with repairs if necessary, and a re-provisioning of individual protection material for citizens in the case of nuclear, biological and chemical threats.

Also, the repairs and provisioning of shelters in Russia’s major cities has been going on for several months. Decentralized command centres have been set up in various “anonymous” places, generally deep underground.

In addition, testing of materials has been or soon will be carried out:

- Firings of the Topol intercontinental ballistic missiles from the “Plesetsk” cosmodrome;
- Missile firings from the submarines Briansk (Northern Fleet) and Podolsk (Pacific Fleet), in the Barents and Okhotsk seas;
- Missile firings from the ships of the Caspian Fleet;
- Launches of cruise missiles from Tupolev TU-160s onto ground targets in Kamchatcka and the Komis Republic;
- Multiples operations with Iskander missiles.

Russia is thus ready for a nuclear war that would follow in the event of a “First Strike” by the USA.

Source : La Russie aujourd’hui / Russia Today
Translation: ACDN.


Note by ACDN

This is indeed what we announced in April 2014 : Cold War again / De nouveau la guerre froide.

We have almost returned to the situation of "1983 : Au bord de l’Apocalypse"... [on the edge of the Apocalypse], 
the film that participants in the RMVD (Gathering for a Livable Nuclear-Free World/ Rencontres pour un Monde Vivable Dénucléarisé) saw in Saintes recently - on October 23. We had just learned that 300 kilos of pure plutonium had been carried through Saintes ten days earlier and spent the night at the Paban air-base. Clearly the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation are indissociable... But what was it that happened in 1983?

"In 1983, two superpowers faced each other. Each possessed a nuclear arsenal big enough to destroy the planet several times over, and neither knew exactly what the other had in mind. In the space of a few months, a succession of unconnected events convinced the Kremlin’s old guard that the USA was about the attack. At the same time NATO launched a large operation simulating a nuclear war. That banal military exercise almost triggered a very real conflict. The film reveals the hidden side of that crisis which very nearly resulted in a third world war...”

Miraculously, the world avoided a nuclear war, that time, only just. Notably thanks to the “man who saved the world”: Lieutenant-colonel Petrov.

How will we survive this time?

One thing is certain: it’s a crazy world. Especially the world of the leaders.

For... Three French Citizens out of Four want to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. If only they were heard! If only someone deigned to ask their opinion!