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Dominique Lalanne Has Died

Published 24 January 2022

We have learnt with sadness and emotion of the cruel death of Dominique Lalanne, which occurred on Sunday morning, so we have heard, through a vascular accident in the brain.

Formerly a nuclear researcher at the CNRS (a national science centre) he had become more than twenty years ago an active and indispensable figure in France’s antinuclear and abolitionist movement. Dominique was notably a militant in the "Stop-Essais" campaign, renamed "Nuclear Arms Stop" amd more recently "Abolition of Nuclear Arms". He was a key player particularly in the monthly actions close to the Defense Ministry, and in the annual fasts for nuclear disarmament, in France from August 6 to August 9.

He was also active in the Greens, the Mouvement de la Paix, the "Nuclear Phase-out" network, the international "Abolition 2000" movement and ICAN-France.

Dominique participated in the 1st Nuclear Disarmament Days in Saintes in May 2001.

His passing takes from us a companion in the struggle, shortly after Jean-Marie Muller, another significant figure in the memory of France’s abolitionist movement.

ACDN and I personally offer our condolences to his wife and his family.

Jean-Marie Matagne