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Saintes, 6 August 2019: Homage to the victims of the atom bombs, and Appeal to the French Parliament

Published in French on 25 August 2019
On 6 August 2019, as happens every year, the city of Saintes and ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire) together commemorated the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945.
Over sixty people, including representatives of the City Hall and the War Veterans, a member of the European Parliament, and representatives of NGOs including a Japanese one, some artists, and citizens of Saintes and towns nearby or (...)

Published 28 August 2019 [ lire la suite ]

Will we draw the right lessons from Russia’s military accidents?
Nine individuals ready to blow up our planet. What is the French parliament doing to neutralise them?

Published in French on 16 August 2019
As far as we know, nine men have a finger on the atomic button. Nine Heads of States possessing nuclear weapons (and perhaps Saudi Arabia has some too) are ready to explode them at any moment if a good reason comes along - their notion of a good reason, of course.
Will they hear the terrible warning shot fired on August 8 by the Russian experimental missile, a nuclear-powered one which Nato calls the "Skyfall", which caused 5 deaths on the Nyonoska (...)

Published 17 August 2019 [ lire la suite ]

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Never Again!

Saintes, le 6 août 2019
Mesdames, Messieurs MPs and Senators.
Today you have a very great responsibility. We ask you to assess it correctly.
Since January 2018, we have been only two minutes away from the Apocalypse, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who see in the deterioration of the earth’s climate an extra factor for catastrophe, leading to a nuclear war. And in fact the world’s political climate continues to deteriorate – it has not stopped deteriorating.
On August 2, (...)

Published 6 August 2019 [ lire la suite ]

12 July 2019
An Urgent Task: to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

23 April 2019
Should you commit suicide? Surely not. But stop obeying!

23 April 2019
We need to stop President Macron from using illegitimate State Violence

19 April 2019
At two minutes to Doomsday, the French parliament is seized with a Bill proposing a referendum to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons

23 March 2019
An incongruous earthquake, of magnitude 5, has knocked at the door of the Le Blayais nuclear power-plant, near Bordeaux

25 October 2018
The next Pluri-annual Energy Programme is unacceptable. Let’s have an alternative one!

23 October 2018
They are Criminalising the struggle at Bure against the CIGEO Project :

8 October 2018
85% of the French people want France to negotiate a treaty to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons...

31 August 2018
"Nicolas Hulot’s resignation is an invitation to change our objectives."

23 June 2018
"A new stage in the repression of opponents to the burial of nuclear wastes at Bure. One lawyer searched and placed under house arrest"

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