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They are Criminalising the struggle at Bure against the CIGEO Project :

150 organisations and personalities call for a massive réaction

Published 23 October 2018

These national and regional organisations, collectives and public personalities are joining a forum of associations, collectives and local residents in combatting the CIGEO nuclear dump, with the aim of :
- ending the criminalisation of the struggle at Bure and in the other opposition sites and mobilisations in France,
- building a resistance for this purpose,
- making an end to fear and silence.
Bure has become a huge repressive laboratory. The stifling of this legitimate struggle against the nuclear order is an experiment to better repress other struggles in future. This concerns us, each one of us.

Published in French on 22 October 2018

We, national and local associations, collectives, committees, personalities, denounce the policy of criminalisation and systemic repression that has been imposed for a year and a half on the opponents of the CIGEO nuclear dump at Bure. To destroy this 25-year-old resistance movement, there have already been over 25 court cases. Hundreds of months of conditional discharge have been handed out. Nearly 2 years of prison. 26 territorial bans. 7 people banned from seeing each other or communicate - and that ban to last for years, in the context of a judicial monitoring set up for "miscreants’ association". Thousands of euros of fines. A score of searches executed in Meuse, and Paris, and in the Isère. Some 30 gardes-à-vue (official orders to be at attention), including one imposed on 20 June 2018 on the lawyer Maître Étienne Ambroselli. A squadron of mobile guards stationed at Bure since the summer of 2017. Every day for over a year the inhabitants of Bure and its surroundings have been followed, noted, filmed and monitored, sometimes several times in the space of a few hours.

Last Tuesday, 16 October, in the high tribunal of Bar-le-Duc, there was a new attack on the rights of defence, a new step in the repression. That morning, among other cases, the tribunal judged in his absence the journalist Gaspard d’Allens. Yet this man had never been informed that the case concerned him. He had no knowledge that there were accusations against him. That’s why he could not prepare his defense or choose a lawyer. Despite that, he was judged: in contempt of the most basic rights to defense.

The prosecutor Olivier Glady explained to the outraged lawyers and spectators that a summons for Gaspard d’Allens had been sent to a Paris address. That was a place he has not lived in for 5 ans, as the prosecutor very well knew. Gaspard’s home is at Mandres-en-Barrois, not far from Bure, where he has been filmed for weeks, almost daily, by the gendarmes. Yet the prosecutor declared he was "totally unfindable".

At Bure, who could still be "unfindable"? Who indeed, when there is general surveillance tracking the opponents of CIGEO, when between 15 and 50 phones are bugged at times or continuously, when communications are spied on and movements tracked, when all friendships arising from this resistance are suspected to be part of a "miscreants’ association" with criminal purposes? Really, when millions of euros are being spent to track these resisters, could the Prosecutor’s Office really not update one man’s address?

Since June 2017, in the context of a judicial inquiry for "miscreants’ association", a "Bure Cell" employs between 5 and 10 full-time police officers. Their mission is to make inquiries and record the entire lives of the opponents in thousands of reports. Their sole aim: to monitor and destroy the opposition movement by asphyxia, through the police and the judiciary.

Gaspard, with one other person, was accused of opposing "with violence of action" the public works done by ANDRA in the occupied Leduc Woods on 23 January 2017. The prosecutor called for 3 months of conditional discharge. That has become a classic penalty for anyone refusing the nuclear order in the Meuse region. Gaspard blocked the progress of a bulldozer for a few minutes. But where is the "violence": at that time (30 January 2017), the foreman on the Andra site, Emmanuel Hance was pouring flammable oil on the protestors holding onto a barricade?

This obvious violation of defense rights is a tiny fraction of the repressive "clean-out" policy aiming to wipe out all forms of opposition in Bure. On October 16 six new cases were heard in court, all absurd, chiefly for "outrages" generated by the unbreathable militarisation climate now dominating the South Meuse. Depending on the case, three months of prison or conditional discharge are being sought.

There are strange practices now in the Meuse. What can one think of a
tribunal where mobile guards surround people arriving and departing at any trial concerning Bure, and regularly end up emptying the public gallery? What conclusions should be drawn when the duty lawyers refuse to travel to help certain people on garde-à-vue in Bure ? How can we judge the fact that Andra’s lawyer, Carine Bourrel, is also President of the Bar for the Meuse department? What can we conclude when on a police officer guarding a residence calls the examining magistrate M. Le Fur by his first name, « Kevin », when making phone-calls to him?

We strongly denounce the setting-up, in the Meuse in the last two years, of an unnamed mafia-like system, where basic liberties and rights of defense are trampled on every day. All in the name of the forced advance of a demented nuclear project which presents no guarantee of safety of feasibility, in the name of destroying a varied resistance movement so as to begin the imminent work of CIGEO, in the name of establishing a repressive laboratory as an experiment to better neutralise future struggles.

Equally worrying is the fact that this massive repression is also occurring in all other parts of France and the world, in social movements, neighbourhoods, migration struggles, territorial and environmental campaignes... We must not remain silent or bow our heads for fear of being the next ones on the list. We call on as many groups as possible - organisations, committees, collectives and public personalities to sign and circulate this forum document, in order to:
- end the criminalisation of the struggle in Bure and of the other mobilisations and opposition spaces in France
- build a resistance for this purpose
- make an end to fear and silence.

We call for solidarities to be made stronger everywhere and to not let ourselves be shut away in isolation.

We will not be the next people on the list!

We refuse to yield to l’intimidation !


Coordination Stop CIGEO : CEDRA, EODRA, Habitants Vigilants de Gondrecourt-le-Château, Habitants Vigilants de Void-Vacon, des habitant-e-s de Bure et des environs. Burestop 55, Meuse Nature Environnement et Mirabel Lorraine Nature Environnement

National Organisations:

ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire)

Agir pour l’Environnement

Alternative Libertaire

Amis de la Terre France

Arrêt du nucléaire


CGT-Caisse des dépôts

Collectif "La Fête à Macron"

DAL - Droit Au Logement

Ende Gelande France


EELV - Europe Ecologie Les Verts

FNE - France Nature Environnement

Front Social

Greenpeace France


Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire

SAF - Syndicat des Avocats de France

SUD Culture Solidaires

Union Syndicale Solidaires

Regional and Local Organisations:

A.C.T.E. (Association Chalonnaise pour une Transition Écologique énergétique et citoyenne)

ADENY (Association de défense de l’environnement et de la nature de l’Yonne)

Alternative Libertaire 54

ARPENT (Association pour la Restauration et la Protection de l’Environnement Naturel du Tonnerrois)


Arrêt du nucléaire Savoie

Arrêt du nucléaire 34

ASODEDRA (Association pour la sensibilisation de l’opinion sur les dangers de l’enfouissement des déchets radioactifs)


ATTAC Hauts-Cantons (44)

Bien Profond

BI Lüchow-Dannenberg

Bure Haleurs

CADE (Collectif des Associations de Défense de l’Environnement Pays Basque et Sud des Landes)

CAN Ouest (Collectif anti-nucléaire de l’ouest)

CAN-SE (Coordination Antinucléaire du Sud-Est)

CAN84 (Collectif Antinucléaire de Vaucluse)

CAPEN 71 (Confédération des associations pour la protection de l’environnement et de la nature en Saône & Loire

CCAN de Nancy (Centre Culturel Autogéré de Nancy)


CEN Nouvelle éducation populaire Savoie

Cercle 49

Collectif anti-nucléaire de Dieppe

Comité de soutien transfrontalier // Grenzüberschreitendes Solikommittee

Comité de lutte Bure/Longwy

Comité STOP Bure 41

Comité de lutte Bure n


Coordination Center Parcs Ni Ici Ni Ailleurs

CSFR (Comité pour la Sauvegarde de Fessenheim et de la plaine du Rhin)

Décroissance IDF

EELV Alsace

FAN Bretagne - Fédération Anti-Nucléaire de Bretagne

FNE Grand-Est

FNE Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Ki 6 col’ (Bourges, 18)Groupe Parlementaire de la France Insoumise

La France Insoumise 44

Les Amis de la Décroissance IDF

LDH Châlons-sur-Saône

Leforest Environnement

MCCA (Mouvement Contre le Crime Atomique)

Mouvement de la paix - Comité sud 54

NDDL Poursuivre Ensemble

Nucléaire Stop Kernergie (Belgique)

Rhône-Alpes Sans Nucléaire

SCA - Savoir-Comprendre-Agir

Sortir du nucléaire Cornouailles

STOP EPR Ni à Penly ni Ailleurs (SENPNA)

STOP Fessenheim

STOP Golfech

STOP Nucléaire 26

SDN Aude (11)

SDN Berry-Giennois-Puisaye

SDN Bugey

SDN Deux-Sèvres (79)

SDN Isère (38)

SDN Loir-et-Cher (41)

SDN Moselle

SDN Paris (75)

SDN Pays Nantais (44)

SDN Trégor


Solidaritäts-Kommittee Bure-Dreyeckland

Solidaires Alsace

Solidaires 54

STOP Précarité

Stop Transport - Halte au Nucléaire

Sud Collectivités Territoriales 54

Tchernoblaye (Gironde)

Terre et Liberté pour Wallmapu

Thur Ecologie et Transports, association pour une gestion écologique des transports


Personalities, intellectuals, artists, activists, politicians:

Paulette & Didier Anger, militant-e-s antinucléaires

Sara Aguiton, chercheuse au CNRS

Paul Ariès, rédacteur en chef de la revue les Zindigné.e.s, directeur de l’Observatoire international de la gratuité (OIG)

Julien Bayou, porte-parole d’EELV

Jérôme Baschet, historien

Ludivine Bantigny, historienne

Dominique Baude, conseiller municipal d’opposition à Salles (33770)

Anne-Emmanuelle Berger, professeure à Paris 8

Judith Bernard, metteure en scène et journaliste

Eric Beynel, co-délégué de Solidaires

Pascal Blain, porte-parole régional de FNE Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Christophe Bonneuil, historien

Sam Bourcier, sociologue université de Lille

Isabelle Cambourakis, éditrice

Geneviève Coiffard-Grosdoy, militante associative

Jean-Baptiste Comby, sociologue

Nicolas Chouleur, ingénieur consultant énergies renouvelables

Danakil, musiciens

Jean-Jacques Delfour, philosophe

Béatrice Dézy, enseignante à l’Université de Lorraine

Paul Dirkx, enseignant-chercheur à l’Université de Lorraine

Danielle Dubus, porte-parole du collectif stop linky de Saint-Dizier

Julien Durand, opposant historique à l’aéroport de NDDL

Benjamin Dessus, ingénieur et économiste

Anne Gaudron, présidente de la LDH Pyrénnées Orientales

Vincent Gay, maître de conférences

Cécile Germain-Ecuer, co-secrétaire régionale d’EELV Alsace

Barbara Glowcewzski, anthropologue

Cécile Gondard-Lalane, co-déléguée de Solidaires

Émilie Hache, philosophe

Éric Hazan, éditeur

Odile Hélier, anthropologue

Bruno Hilton, enseignant à l’Université de Lorraine

Hugo Mathé-Ubert, biologiste et enseignant

François Jarrige, chercheur et historien

Brigitte Jeannot, avocate

Rose-Marie Lagrave, sociologue EHESS

Amélie Le Renard, professeure à Paris 1

Bernard Laponche, physicien nucléaire

Stéphane Lavignotte, pasteur

Sandra Laugier, professeur des universités

Philippe Leclercq, ancien conseiller régional de Lorraine

Vincent Lhuillier, maître de conférence en économie à l’Université de Lorraine

Olivier Long, universitaire et peintre, Paris-1

Jean-Marie Matagne, docteur en philosophie

Hélène Merlin-Kajman, professeure

Catherine Neveu, directrice de recherche CNRS

Albert Ogien, directeur de recherche CNRS

Les Ogres de Barback, musiciens

Younous Omarjee, député européen insoumis

Gérald Orange, professeur honoraire

La Parisienne Libérée, chanteuse

Mathilde Panot, députée

Alessandro Pignocchi, auteur de BD

Christine Poupin, porte-parole du NPA

Anny Poursinoff, ancienne députée EELV

Josep Rafanell Orra, psychologue et écrivain

Juliette Rouchier, DR CNRS à Lamsade Dauphine

Serge Quadruppani, écrivain

Sandra Regol, porte-parole de EELV

Françoise Verchère, opposante historique à NDDL


Address for signatures : soutienburerepression@riseup.net (Please specify who you are, with NAME OF ORGANISATION, POSITION, in the subject line; and for public personalities : NAME, FIRST NAME, and POSITION.

Contact Address : noussommestousdesmalfaiteurs@riseup.net

Contact Website : noussommestousdesmalfaiteurs.noblogs.org



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