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French Police and Yellow Vests
Should you commit suicide? Surely not. But stop obeying!

The Minister of the Interior tells us that on Saturday 20 April, 27 900 people took part in demonstrations throughout France, facing over 60 000 gendarmes, riot police and mobile gendarmes. Given two or these for every demonstrator, the exchanges were “calmer than predicted”. Nothing like the frightening violence on 1 December around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. (1)
That’s good. But it annoys the profiteers of violence… Luckily for them, there was some verbal violence … (2)
The slogan (...)

Published 23 April 2019 [ lire la suite ]

Yellow Vests, Citizens, NGOs, MPs, Senators…
We need to stop President Macron from using illegitimate State Violence

Reedition. First published in French on 26 March 2019.
The State holds the monopoly on legitimate violence. But when its supposedly legitimate violence becomes manifestly illegitimate, the State itself and its institutions lose their legitimacy. Then the people have the right and duty to rebel. The Head of State should submit to the requirements of the sovereign people and return to respecting the constitution. Or resign. Or else by deposed. On grounds of forfeiture.
Balloon: "OK, (...)

Published 23 April 2019 [ lire la suite ]

At two minutes to Doomsday, the French parliament is seized with a Bill proposing a referendum to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons

Reedition. First edition on 25 January 2019.
On 23 January 2019 in Chicago, the atomic scientists in charge of the "Doomsday Clock" decided to keep the minute hand of this big symbolic clock in the same place as they put it in January 2018: at two minutes away from the nuclear catastrophe that threatens to annihilate humanity - as close as it ever was since 1953 and the Korean War. On the same day in Paris, at the National Assembly, the MP Jean-Paul Lecoq and Jean-Marie Matagne, the (...)

Published 19 April 2019 [ lire la suite ]

23 March 2019
An incongruous earthquake, of magnitude 5, has knocked at the door of the Le Blayais nuclear power-plant, near Bordeaux

25 October 2018
The next Pluri-annual Energy Programme is unacceptable. Let’s have an alternative one!

23 October 2018
They are Criminalising the struggle at Bure against the CIGEO Project :

8 October 2018
85% of the French people want France to negotiate a treaty to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons...

31 August 2018
"Nicolas Hulot’s resignation is an invitation to change our objectives."

23 June 2018
"A new stage in the repression of opponents to the burial of nuclear wastes at Bure. One lawyer searched and placed under house arrest"

1 April 2018
Phasing out nuclear technology? What an April Fool’s joke!

29 December 2017
An Appeal to Abolish Atomic Arms

18 November 2017
Should France Sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty?

15 November 2017
Everything’s Going Great, Monsieur le Président.

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