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"Nicolas Hulot’s resignation is an invitation to change our objectives."
10 green NGOs launch an appeal to President Emmanuel Macron

An electric shock. On Tuesday 28 August, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, announced his resignation. He explained: "I don’t want to continue lying, I don’t push the illusion that my presence in the government means that it is up to task of facing those those high challenges, and so I have decided to leave the government."
This decision prompted a reaction from ten green NGOs, who have written an op-ed addressed to President Macron and published on Franceinfo. It speaks (...)

Published 31 August 2018 [ lire la suite ]

According to an IFOP poll
85% of the French people want France to negotiate a treaty to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons...
and to have a referendum to prove it!

That is clear from the results of the poll just conducted by IFOP: 85% of French citizens want to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons, and 82% say they are ready to support the Referendum Bill that ACDN has proposed to France’s parliamentarians.
Media Release published in French on 4 May 2018 On May 1, 2018, ACDN sent emails to France’s 577 MPs and 348 senators inviting them to sign a Bill to organise a referendum on the following question:
« Do you want France to participate in (...)

Published 1 August 2018 [ lire la suite ]

"A new stage in the repression of opponents to the burial of nuclear wastes at Bure. One lawyer searched and placed under house arrest"

Published in French on 21 June 2018 the wake of a massive search operation on Bure (7 arrests) and the arrest of a lawyer in Paris.
"Acting in the context of public information on facts going back to 2017, about two hundred gendarmes proceeded this morning (20 June) to conduct searches and arrest operations in several homes of people opposed to the Cigeo Project at Bure in eastern France. Exceptionally, the activists’ lawyer was visited at the same in his Paris offices and placed (...)

Published 23 June 2018 [ lire la suite ]

1 April 2018
Phasing out nuclear technology? What an April Fool’s joke!

29 December 2017
An Appeal to Abolish Atomic Arms

18 November 2017
Should France Sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty?

15 November 2017
Everything’s Going Great, Monsieur le Président.

6 October 2017
The Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons. What Now?

15 June 2017
Direct from New York: the UN Conference for a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

9 April 2017
Appeal for a French referendum on the abolition of nuclear weapons

24 December 2016
A Burst of Sunshine in a Stormy Sky : in 2017 the UN will convene negotiations for the banning of nuclear weapons

29 October 2016
27 October 2016: the day when the big reversal in history became possible

28 October 2016
101 French MPs and Senators want a referendum for France participating in the abolition of nuclear weapons

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