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French Elections
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A French presidential candidate goes on hunger strike

from Jean-Marie Matagne, 7 January 2022
I heard on the radio this morning that 12 people including Pierre Larrouturou and Anne Hessel were beginning a hunger strike in Paris today with the aim of bringing the left-wing parties and ecologists to agree on presenting a single candidate for the upcoming presidential election.
Having taken part in the Popular Primary, I approve this aim, on condition that the government programme that this candidate will defends includes France’s participation (...)

Published 9 January 2022 [ lire la suite ]

Emmanuel Macron and his sleight of hand

Media release, Saintes, 10 November 2021
On November 9, M. Macron gave probably the best of his speeches in the "Covid" period, the most clever and seductive. In it he credited himself - with unaccustomed modesty, since he said "we" instead of "I" - with the presumed success of the battle against Covid, which began badly, however, and with the supposed economic effects of his health decisions.
But we should not be taken in by his sleight of hand. For example this passage: "Work is our (...)

Published 10 November 2021 [ lire la suite ]

Now standing as a candidate for the Presidency of France 2022
For a Convivial France in a Livable World without carbon emissions, nuclear technology or militarism
by Jean-Marie MATAGNE

Will the presidential election of 2022 allow us to ward off the two greatest dangers threatening humanity - climate degradation and nuclear weapons? The likely answer, I fear, is no. The struggle against global warming is happily mobilising young people and public opinion. However the action of the world’s governments, including France, is far from adequate. As for the other threat, which can hit us at any moment, not one of the candidates for the president’s nuclear button seems willing (...)

Published 9 November 2021 [ lire la suite ]

1 November 2021
Stop the Nuclear Insanity!

4 September 2021
Declaration of Candidacy in the Popular Primary

19 July 2021
Citizens’ Festival "Disarm to Live" (Désarmer pour vivre)

4 June 2021
SIPRI Numbers: New Record Level of Global Military Expenditure – Arms Race Continues

6 April 2021
Nuclear Crime: last-ditch campaign

17 March 2021
"Red Alert": the world is heading in the direction of a 3rd World War, a nuclear one.

5 March 2021
Letter to Régis Juanico, MP of the Loire, and his parliamentary colleagues

26 January 2021
We need a citizen candidate, pro-climate and anti-nuclear, to contest the presidential election of 2022

18 January 2021
Time to wrap up the nuclear weapons era!

4 December 2020
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the only President of France to have understood nuclear deterrence

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