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Campaign "The Very Last Atom!"
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Nuclear Crime: last-ditch campaign

ACDN on April 5, the day its bilingual website received its millionth visit, is launching a last-ditch campaign to obtain the referendum that will enable the French people to open the path to the abolition of nuclear and radioactive weapons.
Parliamentarians and citizens, foreign supporters, please wake up while there is still time!
Two major risks threaten the panet: climate change and nuclear technology. The first is not being combatted enough, but it is now universally (...)

Published 6 April 2021 [ lire la suite ]

"Red Alert": the world is heading in the direction of a 3rd World War, a nuclear one.

On March 16, the United Kingdom released its Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development, and Foreign Policy, in which it announced that it will increase the cap on its nuclear stockpile by over 44 percent, from 180 warheads to 260. The report also states the UK will no longer provide information about the size of its stockpile or its deployment, thus embracing deliberate ambiguity in its nuclear strategy. These two very dangerous moves increase the risk of nuclear escalation and (...)

Published 17 March 2021 [ lire la suite ]

Crimes against humanity being prepared in the name of France
Letter to Régis Juanico, MP of the Loire, and his parliamentary colleagues

Published in French on 4 March 2021
Mesdames, Messieurs - MPs and Senators
Three weeks have now passed during which your colleague Régis Juanico has not seen fit to answer the letter I sent him on February 11 – and so I now make it public and call your attention to it, because its subject concerns you personally as much as him.
I’m addressing you personally, doubtless for the last time, inviting you to sign the attached Bill, a bill aimed at organising a referendum on France’s (...)

Published 5 March 2021 [ lire la suite ]

26 January 2021
We need a citizen candidate, pro-climate and anti-nuclear, to contest the presidential election of 2022

18 January 2021
Time to wrap up the nuclear weapons era!

4 December 2020
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the only President of France to have understood nuclear deterrence

28 November 2020
Democratic Emergency

18 November 2020
Heated Exchange with France’s Minister of Defense

3 November 2020
The Nuclear Ban Treaty soon enters into force: What does it say? What can we expect of it?

24 October 2020
Open Letter to President Janus [Macron], Elysée Palace, Paris

22 October 2020
Charter for a Human France and a Human World

6 October 2020
Jai Jagat - The March for Social Justice and Peace has arrived in Geneva

24 September 2020
Letter to Florence Parly: the defense minister is silent, the President replies

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