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Nuclear Deterrence
Speaking Notes by Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret’d)

Ban Treaty, Side Event New York, Thursday 22 June 2017
As a former operator of British nuclear weapons, next year will mark a significant anniversary for me: it will be fifty years since my indoctrination into the dogma of nuclear deterrence.
In 1968 I was a 24-year-old Lieutenant bombardier-navigator in Buccaneer strike jets deployed aboard a Royal Navy aircraft-carrier, when my pilot and I were told we had been chosen as a nuclear crew. The process of being given a top secret security (...)

Published 23 June 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Direct from New York: the UN Conference for a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons
Letter to the Conference President

Today, 15 June 2017, the UN Conference tasked with creating a "judicial instrument" (treaty or convention) for a ban on nuclear weapons with a view to their total elimination, starts its second and final session in New York (15 June to 7 July). It is open to all member states whether nuclear-armed or not, and also to representatives of Civil Society. The text resulting from this conference will then be submitted to the 2017 UN General Assembly in New York in the Autumn.
The first session (...)

Published 15 June 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Message to Yannick Jadot and the EELV Party concerning their "electoral strategy"

Saintes, 28 April 2017
Dear Yannick,
I heartily support your indignation and your determination to see the defeat of Marine Le Pen, feelings that you expressed on France-Inter yesterday. So like you, and with the same reservations, I will vote Macron on May 7. I refuse to contribute even slightly to the election of someone wanting to copy Trump.
However, it seems to me that the EELV Party (Europe Ecologie - Les Verts) and you yourself ought to reconsider your role in the process that led (...)

Published 30 April 2017 [ lire la suite ]

15 April 2017
Pope Francis calls for a world without nuclear weapons and supports their abolition

9 April 2017
Appeal for a French referendum on the abolition of nuclear weapons

25 March 2017
London, Paris, New York: End State Terror so as to End Terrorism

10 February 2017
Open Letter To Benoît Hamon

1 January 2017
2017, a Year of Many Dangers and Only One Hope

24 December 2016
A Burst of Sunshine in a Stormy Sky : in 2017 the UN will convene negotiations for the banning of nuclear weapons

29 November 2016
UN Security Council Seats Taken by Arms Exporters

23 November 2016
France, the People and the Atom Bomb

12 November 2016
Will Trump Be Another Republication Nuclear Weapons Disarmer?

6 November 2016
Nuclear Weapons at the Paris Correctional Court

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