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According to an IFOP poll
By an overwhelming majority, the French people want France to negotiate a treaty to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons.. and to have a referendum to prove it!

That is clear from the results of the poll just conducted by IFOP: 85% of French citizens want to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons, and 82% say they are ready to support the Referendum Bill that ACDN has proposed to France’s parliamentarians.
Media Release published in French on 4 May 2018 On May 1, 2018, ACDN sent emails to France’s 577 MPs and 348 senators inviting them to sign a Bill to organise a referendum on the following question:
« Do you want France to participate in (...)

Published 10 May 2018 [ lire la suite ]

France’s topside
Phasing out nuclear technology? What an April Fool’s joke!
France’s underside

What will the Easter bells bring us this year when they return from Rome on April 1st? Will we find in our gardens the heaven-sent first-fruits of a world freed from the nuclear threat?
Alas no, we won’t escape that any time soon. We can’t count on France’s topside to follow that path. Let’s rely rather on France’s underside: her ordinary people. ***
Published in French 31 March 2018
Just three weeks ago, on March 11, thousands of Parisians met in the Place de la République to (...)

Published 1 April 2018 [ lire la suite ]

The Good-Guy, the Brute and the Seven Mercenaries

Published in French on 9 March 2018
Armed with their massacre weapons, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are making the world tremble by blowing hot and cold without warning. It’s hard to say which one is the good-guy and which the brute, because the roles are so reversible and the characters so unstable. One thing is sure: large or small, those two prime gesticulators need to be stripped of their terrifying devices. It is crazy to entrust the fate of the planet to Dr Strangelove and Mr Hyde. (...)

Published 9 March 2018 [ lire la suite ]

8 March 2018
National Week for the Nuclear Phase-Out

7 March 2018
Moves towards peace and nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula... and elsewhere?

29 December 2017
An Appeal to Abolish Atomic Arms

30 November 2017
North Korea : On the edge of the Abyss, and the Bomb is to Blame

18 November 2017
Should France Sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty?

15 November 2017
Everything’s Going Great, Monsieur le Président.

20 October 2017
Marching On towards Nuclear Crime

6 October 2017
Nobel Prize for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

21 September 2017
In New York, and in the Bure Region (Champagne), France Digs Herself Deeper into Nuclear Folly

3 August 2017
Letter to the President of the French Republic

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