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Direct from New York: the UN Conference for a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons
Letter to the Conference President

Today, 15 June 2017, the UN Conference tasked with creating a "judicial instrument" (treaty or convention) for a ban on nuclear weapons with a view to their total elimination, starts its second and final session in New York (15 June to 7 July). It is open to all member states whether nuclear-armed or not, and also to representatives of Civil Society. The text resulting from this conference will then be submitted to the 2017 UN General Assembly in New York in the Autumn.
The first session (...)

Published 15 June 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Appeal for a French referendum on the abolition of nuclear weapons

Since 27 October 2016, the abolition of nuclear arms is on the agenda of the UN. But France, as well as the US, UK and Russia did vote against the convening in 2017 of a Conference to negotiate a Ban Treaty of nuclear weapons. However there is a hope to change this position.
Today, at the same time when the Conference for a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty meets in New York, 126 French MPs and senators are calling for a referendum on this question, which has never been debated by the French (...)

Published 9 April 2017 [ lire la suite ]

A Burst of Sunshine in a Stormy Sky : in 2017 the UN will convene negotiations for the banning of nuclear weapons
A historic turning-point

Published in French on 24 December 2016
On Friday evening, 23 December 2016 in New York, two days before Christmas and despite a late hour, the UN General Assembly in plenary session adopted Resolution L41, which had been passed in committee in 27 October. There were 113 votes in favour, 35 against and 13 abstentions. . This resolution « to advance multilateral nuclear disarmament » convenes in 2017 in New York « a UN conference tasked with negotiating a legally binding instrument to ban (...)

Published 24 December 2016 [ lire la suite ]

29 October 2016
27 October 2016: the day when the big reversal in history became possible

28 October 2016
101 French MPs and Senators want a referendum for France participating in the abolition of nuclear weapons

1 October 2016
NO to all EPR reactors, NO to nuclear weapons, NO to the calamities of nuclear technology, civil and military.

30 September 2016
Towards a banning of nuclear crimes: a historic advance!

29 August 2016
J-M Matagne’s Candidacy for the EELV Primary

16 August 2016
Escape the double-dealing of the NPT

10 August 2016
Saintes : NO to all massacres and NO to the weapons that prepare them while claiming to prevent them!

14 July 2016
60 French parliamentarians call for the abolition of nuclear weapons and propose a referendum

7 July 2016
Michel Rocard, Nuclear Abolition and the Referendum

25 May 2016
French referendum on the abolition of nuclear Weapons: Objection and Response

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