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Marching On towards Nuclear Crime

Published in French 19 october 2017 The Government and the EDF (Electricité de France), in their long march to get the Flamanville EPR into service, have just passed an important milestone, with the blessing of the Council of State on 16 October. It is now well-known that EPR is not just a financial abyss, a textbook case of trickery, negligence, cheating, dissimulations and misappropriations, but also a technological aberration, a cluster of malpractices, and the most brilliant promise (...)

Published 20 October 2017 [ lire la suite ]

Nobel Prize for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Media release from ACDN Published in French 6 October 2017
The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons. This honours the efforts of some 450 NGOs around the world, whose work led to the adoption on 7 July 2017 of the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, endorsed by 122 UN member states.
« We live in a world where the risk of nuclear weapons being used is higher than it has been for a long time. Some countries and modernizing their (...)

Published 6 October 2017 [ lire la suite ]

In New York, and in the Bure Region (Champagne), France Digs Herself Deeper into Nuclear Folly

MEDIA RELEASE 20 September 2017 Today, 20 September 2017, in New York, the UN is inviting all member states to sign the new Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons, adopted by 122 nations on 7 July. The French government is refusing to sign.
Today also, at daybreak in the Bure region of eastern Champagne, where France plans to bury most French radioactive waste, that same government has sent cohorts of gendarmes to search the “House of Resistance” and other places where people are opposing this (...)

Published 21 September 2017 [ lire la suite ]

8 July 2017
Is Nuclear Deterrence Dead?

25 March 2017
London, Paris, New York: End State Terror so as to End Terrorism

1 January 2017
2017, a Year of Many Dangers and Only One Hope

6 November 2016
Nuclear Weapons at the Paris Correctional Court

11 September 2016

15 July 2016
France: We have to choose between the atom bomb and the fight against terrorism

13 July 2016
60 French parliamentarians call for the abolition of nuclear weapons and propose a referendum

19 November 2015
France under Threat from NBCs

2 September 2013
In Geneva, Mikhail Gorbachev has just launched a new appeal for nuclear disarmament.

26 February 2013
Two letters to the French President and a request for a referendum to commit France to participating in the abolition of nuclear weapons

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