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Over 1750 Israelis Call to Stop the Genocide in Gaza
Two Statements, from ACDN and from Israelis Against Apartheid

Published 13 January 2024

ACDN News Release, January 13, 2024

On October 7, 2023, Hamas committed a crime against humanity, to which Israel has since responded with another crime against humanity, renewed daily and twenty times more deadly.

After years of apartheid, illegal occupation and non-compliance with UN resolutions, the Israeli government and army are currently imposing intolerable hardships on the Gazan population, and slaughter civilians every day in full view of the world.

In the opinion of many Israeli Jews, who approve of South Africa’s accusation against Israel before the International Court of Justice, this is nothing short of genocide. They denounce this criminal policy of their government and demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. They want a political solution to the «Israeli-Palestinian problem», whether it involves two states, Israeli and Palestinian, or a single Israeli-Palestinian state, secular, democratic and multicultural.

Despite the crimes caused by the two rival ideologies, Zionist and Islamist, there are Jews and Palestinians who want to reconcile and live in peace, in mutual respect for human rights. It is the duty of journalists and editorialists of the French press and media to bring this vital information to the attention of their audiences.

It is a professional duty, it is also and first of all a human duty, and it could become a reason for legal proceedings, for non-assistance to people in danger and for complicity of anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism directed against both Palestinian Arabs and Jews around the world, who are considered as responsible for Israel’s genocidal policy.

The vast majority of the world’s population wants to live in peace, freedom, equality and brotherhood of all peoples. In the Middle East as in Ukraine or elsewhere. The media must spread this evidence to impose it on the ruling elites and all governments.

Everywhere we want peace and justice. Enough hatreds! Assez des haines !



Israelis Against Apartheid Statement

January 11, 2024

On this historic day of the International Court of Justice hearing of South Africa v. Israel, Israelis Against Apartheid would like to express our gratitude and support for South Africa’s appeal to stop the genocide in Gaza.

In recent months we have witnessed and alerted about the genocidal intent and genocidal actions of our government. We have in the past, and recently, called for international intervention in defense of the Palestinian population and are hopeful this is a first step to achieve that. We are also greatly concerned about other ongoing war crimes that are being carried out against the Palestinian population, not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank.

Israel, like perpetrators of other historic genocides, has developed a culture of a dehumanizing discourse to rationalize and justify their genocidal actions alongside calls to ethnically cleanse and recolonize Gaza.

Furthermore, Israeli citizens who are opposing the current genocidal war on Gaza are suffering unprecedented political persecution, such as severe limitations of their right to protest, violent arrests, loss of jobs and death threats from right wing militants. The situation is critical. The Israeli Apartheid state is transforming to a full scale fascist regime. Soldiers and armed citizens are roaming the country, with an understanding that there is no limit to what they are permitted to do in defense of Jewish supremacy and jewish rule.

The massive use of "dumb bombs" targeting everyone in Gaza, the displacement of the Gazan population, the refusal to stop the war, no matter the price, and military practices that endanger the remaining captives, show that the two declared aims of the war - dismantling Hamas and bringing the abducted back home - are not the cabinet’s goals. We are convinced that the Israeli political and military objective is to cleanse Gaza of its Palestinian population through death and expulsion.

An immediate halt of Israel’s genocidal assault is imperative. It is also the only hope of freeing the surviving Israeli hostages held in Gaza. Palestinian hostages, political prisoners, including child prisoners and hundreds of prisoners held without charges by Israel, must also be unconditionally freed.

As Israelis of Jewish origin we insist: Never again, for anyone!

It is essential to prevent Israel from carrying out its declared plan to complete the Nakba that it began in 1948. Only then can we begin to dismantle Israeli apartheid, restore the rights of the Palestinian indigenous population, including the implementation of the right of return, recognized in UN resolution 194, and begin to co-create a decolonized Palestine where all citizens will have equal rights regardless of their faith, their ethnic group or their national identity.

Israelis Against Apartheid
For more information : +972 595300540 and +972 544740825

FB: ("Israeli Apartheid")


Israelis call for an immediate end to the attack on Gaza

On January 13, 2024, 6pm (UTC+2), this petition for Israeli citizens living in Palestine/ Israel or abroad received 1752 signatures.

The petition is hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace, and authored by Israelis against Apartheid.

אנא הצטרפו לקריאה הדחופה שלהלן לקהילה הבינלאומית לעצור את המתקפה על עזה, לפתוח מסדרון הומניטרי לאזרחים ולמצרכים חיוניים, ולפתוח במשא ומתן על שחרור כל החטופים והשבויים.

We, Israeli citizens, are watching with grave concern the ongoing massive Israeli military assault on the people of Gaza. The Gaza strip has been bombed day and night by land, air and sea since October 7. Thousands have lost their lives, including hundreds of children, many more are injured. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have been displaced at the time of writing. The Israeli siege of the enclave is preventing the entry of essential supplies of medicine, water, electricity and fuel.

We watch with horror as Gaza’s hospitals turn into graveyards. With fuel reserves for electricity generators all used up, there will be no more power for operation rooms, vital monitors, ventilators, ICU drips, newborn incubators, or even lights. Communication networks are failing and people can no longer call for ambulances. Medical teams, ambulances, and facilities, were bombarded. Medical care can never be a subject for negotiation.

We call on the international community to intervene immediately to stop the indiscriminate bombing of 2.3 million people living in the Gaza strip, and to prevent the imminent and disastrous ground military invasion into Gaza. In the face of an unprecedented huge-scale humanitarian disaster, the Israeli government should be pressured to desist immediately, before more lives are wasted on top of the thousands already lost. We call on the Israeli government to agree to a prisoner and hostage exchange immediately, and for a safe humanitarian corridor to be created for civilians and supplies, electricity and fuel to the medical facilities.

The horrors and atrocities starting October 7th are indescribable. Thousands of civilians, Israelis and Palestinians, are paying the price of apartheid. We are calling you to intervene immediately to stop the war crimes that are still happening.


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