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1 April 2023: Emmanuel Macron gives the French People a superb present

ACDN Press release
Published in French on April 1
The following message was received this morning from the Elysée Palace, addressed to ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement), and signed by the President of the Republic:
« Touched by your message of 27 March which proposed that Parliament should initiate a double consultation of the French people, concerning the pensions reform and also France’s participation in the abolition of nuclear and radioactive weapons, I have decided, on my (...)

Published 2 April 2023 [ lire la suite ]

Take the High Road out of War
Parliament needs to let the French people have their say on the subject of preparing peace and preventing doomsday

Press release, ACDN
The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing fighting were not wanted by the Russian people, but just by Vladimir Putin and his vassals.
The Ukrainian people are heroically resisting this imperialist-type aggression and need to be actively supported until peace is reestablished in law and justice.
But Vladimir Putin is trampling on international law behind the shelter of his nuclear weapons - as others have done in the past, for example in Iraq, and may well do in (...)

Published 24 February 2023 [ lire la suite ]

Humankind is only 90 seconds away from Doomsday!

Joint Media Release from ACDN & IDN 25 January 2023. In 1947, when the Cold War was beginning, the atomic scientists of the University of Chicago created the Doomsday Clock, a fictional clock on which "midnight" symbolises the end of the world - the outcome that nuclear weapons could provoke. At the time they placed the long hand at 7 minutes to midnight. Since then, its position has fluctuated with shifts in international relations - moving between 2 minutes (1953) and 17 minutes (...)

Published 25 January 2023 [ lire la suite ]

10 January 2023
Wishes for 2023, from ACDN

24 September 2022
How can we neutralise the danger of nuclear arms and nuclear power-plants?

22 September 2022
26 September: The UN’s World Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

15 August 2022
Saintes, 6 August 2022 : Public Ceremony to Abolish Nuclear and Radioactive Weapons

19 March 2022
Ukraine: Ten Demands to Return to Peace

24 February 2022
Nuclear Folly, Military Folly, and now War

28 November 2020
Democratic Emergency

18 September 2020
Barbarism above our heads, paid for by our taxes

26 September 2018
26 September: The UN’s World Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

21 June 2018
People of France, while we are singing and dancing, the government is killing our freedoms.

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