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Democratic Emergency

Communiqué from ACDN read on 28 November 2020, in Saintes (France) in the face of about 400 demonstrators :
The « comprehensive security » that France’s people need is not found through the ways being chosen by the Head of State and the current government. We appeal to our citizens to mobilise to stop our regime that is drifting off course. Our leaders are less and less democratic, less and less republican, and their authoritarian drift relies heavily on the police and the military.
France, (...)

Published 28 November 2020 [ lire la suite ]

Barbarism above our heads, paid for by our taxes

Published in French on 15 September 2020
On Tuesday 15 September 2020, France’s Airforce, recently re-named "the Army of the Air and Space" (for nobody halts the progress of militarisation) indulged once again in its favourite little game: poker. In the sky of France - the only sky where France is authorised to drop atom bombs (at present fictional ones) - France simulated a nuclear attack with about 15 aircraft, Rafale fighters and bombers, Awac E3-F radar-plane, a refueling plane, plus an (...)

Published 18 September 2020 [ lire la suite ]

26 September: The UN’s World Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Media Release from ACDN

Why this day? To prevent the final catastrophe. And because 26 September 1983 was the day when the world nearly slid into the 3rd World War, a nuclear one which is still hanging over our heads 35 years later.
In March 1983 Ronald Reagan described the Soviet Union as an "evil empire". On September 1, the Soviets had judged themselves spied on by a South Korean passenger plane which had entered their airspace, and they shot it down with 269 people on board. The tension between East and (...)

Published 26 September 2018 [ lire la suite ]

21 June 2018
People of France, while we are singing and dancing, the government is killing our freedoms.

18 June 2018
Bure on the Eve of 16 June 2018

9 March 2018
The Good-Guy, the Brute and the Seven Mercenaries

8 March 2018
National Week for the Nuclear Phase-Out

7 March 2018
Moves towards peace and nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula... and elsewhere?

30 November 2017
North Korea : On the edge of the Abyss, and the Bomb is to Blame

20 October 2017
Marching On towards Nuclear Crime

6 October 2017
Nobel Prize for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

21 September 2017
In New York, and in the Bure Region (Champagne), France Digs Herself Deeper into Nuclear Folly

8 July 2017
Is Nuclear Deterrence Dead?

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