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What would a Livable World be like?...

(Article published on 8 November 2013 in the weekly "Haute Saintonge")
That was the central question discussed in Saintes at the « Gathering for a Livable World » on 25-27 October and illuminated by various well-qualified speakers. Before it opened, on 22 October, the film « Harvests of the Future » was screened in the presence of Marie-Monique Robin, a journalist, author, director of some forty documentary films, and recipient of thirty prizes. After the film there was a discussion « Can (...)

Published 14 November 2013 [ lire la suite ]

Gathering for a Livable World - Saintes, 25 -27 October 2013
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"Times are hard, and the world is going badly" : we often hear people say that today. Some French citizens were saying that in 2010, but were not content with words. Responding to calls from seven NGOs - ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire), ATTAC, the Farmers Confederation, the Human Rights League, the Teachers League, and Nuclear Phase-out Network, and the Foundation for a Human Earth - they organized the “Rally for a Livable World”, which took place in Saintes in (...)

Published 14 October 2013 [ lire la suite ]

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