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Gathering for a Livable World - Saintes, 25 -27 October 2013
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Published 14 October 2013

"Times are hard, and the world is going badly" : we often hear people say that today. Some French citizens were saying that in 2010, but were not content with words. Responding to calls from seven NGOs - ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire), ATTAC, the Farmers Confederation, the Human Rights League, the Teachers League, and Nuclear Phase-out Network, and the Foundation for a Human Earth - they organized the “Rally for a Livable World”, which took place in Saintes in October 2011. Despite coming from very varied horizons, they succeeded in three days in working out a collective Charter, which they then adopted unanimously.

Consisting of a Preamble, 7 chapters and 103 articles, this Charter for a Livable World formulates the ethical and political requirements in all the domains that influence our destiny. It was sent to all the candidates in the presidential elections of 2012, and signed and approved in full or in part by several of them, though not by the two candidates who contested the run-off vote.
Two years later, the seven NGOs are gathering again. We plan to confront the Charter (or at least four of its chapters) with the events since then, the changing preoccupations and questions that have arisen in France and the world since its adoption. We plan to reflect on requirements and realities so as to draw from them a method of citizens’ action.

As individuals belonging to very diverse groups (our families, our political, philosophical, religious or trade-union groupings, our businesses, our friends, our social networks), how can we all link our efforts with other people’s in order to improve our personal situations and ways of living while also preserving the environment for everyone,? And how can we do so without exhausting ourselves or making things worse by good intentions? Dedicated to the memory of Stéphane Hessel (who approved the spirit of the Charter and who signed it “with both hands”) this 2013 Gathering for a Livable World (RMV in French) is for anyone who approves the Charter for a Livable World. The event is open to the public.

As a pre-event for the RMV, we are showing on 22 October at 8.30pm the film "Les moissons du futur" (Harvests of the Future) in the Théâtre Gallia à Saintes (admission : 5 €uros), with a discussion afterwards featuring the film-maker, Marie-Monique Robin : "Can Agro-ecologie Feed the Planet?"

The RMV itself will take place in the complex of the Salles Saintonge, 11 Rue Fernand-Chapsal. The Gathering opens on Friday 25 Octobre at 6pm sharp with a public ceremony (lighting of the Nuclear Disarmamanet Flame in the Cour Saintonge) accompanied by the Thénac choir, in the presence of personalities and elected representatives. The evening will continue with a buffet meal, a film about “Agent Orange, a delayed-action bomb” and a discussion on the theme: "Can we live in Peace in a World at War?"

On Saturday 26 from 9am to 6pm, there will be alternating events -exposés by resource people and workshops on the following four themes: peace & disarmament; water, food & health; economy, justice & solidarity; environment and alternative energy. At 6pm in the Saintonge Auditorium there will be an original free concert (jazz, flamenco, chanson française).

On the Sunday morning from 9am (winter time), participants will draw out lessons from their work: How can we act as citizens? The gathering will conclude with a festive meal.
For practical reasons, we invite participants to register in advance and book the meals that they wish to have on site. The contribution to organizing costs is optional and is left to your individual decision.

Further information in French:

Contact : +33 6 73 50 76 61

To register : please fill in details and return to:

- 31 rue du Cormier
- 17100 Saintes
- France

RMV Saintes 25-27 October 2013 - Flyer

Agenda and Form

PDF - 1.4 Mb
RMV Saintes 25-27 October 2013 - Flyer
Word - 165.5 kb
Agenda and Form

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