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We need to stop President Macron from using illegitimate State Violence

Published 23 April 2019

Reedition. First published in French on 26 March 2019.

The State holds the monopoly on legitimate violence. But when its supposedly legitimate violence becomes manifestly illegitimate, the State itself and its institutions lose their legitimacy. Then the people have the right and duty to rebel. The Head of State should submit to the requirements of the sovereign people and return to respecting the constitution. Or resign. Or else by deposed. On grounds of forfeiture.

Balloon: "OK, mutilating grenades and atom bombs aren’t cool. I renounce them.".
Cartoon: ©

Today the worst danger threatening us all, whether or not we have budgeting problems, is atomic bombs, about 14500 of them in existence, of which several thousand are deployed to be launched in a matter of minutes. The end of the world is not a fantasy, or even a medium- or long-term climate prospect, it can happen at any time – today, tomorrow, the day after. Only the code of silence deliberately maintained by those in power, with the complicity of parts of the press and media in the pay of the arms merchants, prevents us from taking account of this incredible danger.

As we await the catastrophe, those bombs weigh heavily on our budgets. France’s 300 bombs have cost over 300 billion euros. Each one therefore comes to one billion and continues to cost us, year after year. President Macron intends to spend 37 billion between now and 2025 to modernise them, not counting the cost of maintenance. Apparently, the power to kill a billion people is not enough for our arsenal of « strict sufficiency ». Macron said that the social minima cost « a crazy lot of dosh », yet he plans to increase the nuclear arms budget by 50%.

Hypocrisy ? Dissociation ? Schizophrenia ? Whatever it be, he is what Sartre would call a perfect bastard : so fascinated by his cleverness at doing his job that he forgets to be human.

Underneath his playboy exterior he is a criminal and a mafioso. What organisation obtains weapons for assassinations ? The Mafia. And Macron – like his predecessors in the presidency since 1960 - is transforming France into an international mafia, despite all her commitments, despite her constitution and the values it proclaims – notably fraternity. Macron continues to ardently provide bombs 7 to 22 times more powerful than the Hiroshima one, which caused over 200 000 deaths and continues to kill (by radioactive fallout, along with Chernobyl). These are massacre weapons, exterminators, they attack the human genome, they are made for crimes against humanity. And Macron declares himself ready to use them – otherwise deterrence would count for nothing. But preparing for a crime is itself a crime. Premeditating a crime is already committing one. The monstrous nature of the crime cannot alter that.

Worse then his predecessors, he is arrogant, sure of himself and dominating. Macron does not hesitate to use mutilating weapons, grenades and LBDs against his own citizens. Week after week, he tries to knock out the Yellow Vests, to stymie an exasperated populace, and to hold onto power at any price. Through ruse – dodges, nonsense-words, seduction sessions, a « great national debate » that is framed, shortened and rigged * – or by force. All means are OK for him. Despite growing protestations, including from the ranks of the « guardians of peace », despite the opinions of the defender of rights, he intends to keep those weapons although they are not instruments for keeping order – no, they too are criminal weapons.

He intends to use them in all impunity, exactly like the atom bomb – which is the one that comforts his natural arrogance, that gives him a sense of impunity and superiority over all his fellow-citizens. Rightly so, since just one Frenchmen has the « right » to liquidate millions of human beings without being answerable to anyone, and he is that Frenchman. If he has that exclusive « right » that exorbitant privilege, why should he renounce the right to cause lasting mutilations to a few dozen miserable protesters who dare to cross the road to dispute his omnipotence ?

Yet there is a way to bring that individual down to his rightful place, a simple, effective, peaceful, legal and constitutional way. We just have to force Macron to negotiate with the other nuclear-armed states for the abolition of those weapons, as France committed to do when she signed the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in 1992. To deprive the President of his tyrannical pleasure by invading his so-called « special domain » of defense and diplomacy will be possible for the French people when the citizens-initiated referendum exists. And the people can already do so through a « shared-initiative referendum » authorised since 2008 in the Constitution at Article 11.3. We have this means within reach. We just have to grab it. And we could, with the support of 20% of parliamentarians, use it to create the citizens-initiated referendum so as to resolve many other major questions in future.

A proposition de loi référendaire (referendum bill) signed by 30 MPs and senators has existed since 23 January 2019. It puts the question :

“Do you want France to participate in the abolition of nuclear and radioactive weapons and to engage with all states concerned in negotiations aimed at drafting, ratifying and implementing a treaty to ban and totally eliminate nuclear weapons, under mutual and international control that is strict and effective?”

To this question, 85% of French citizens answered YES in an IFOP-ACDN poll in May 2018. And 82% said they were ready to support the bill, whereas the rules require « only » 10% of citizens to support it (about 4.5 million registered voters). That poll is overwhelming. There is a gulf between the French people – of all political colours – and the government.

Now that the referendum bill exists, we just need to convince 155 MPs and senators out of 925 to reach the 20% of parliamentarians required. In the previous parliament, in April 2017, 126 members had signed a similar bill, so this objective seems attainable provided the citizens, voters and taxpayers are numerous enough to contact their representatives. Surely there are at least 20% of parliamentarians ready to listen to their consciences and to put reason ahead of personal interests and their party’s instructions ? Can we believe that the parliament is filled completely with a cluster of weaklings able only to march in step with their leader ?

Yellow Vests and other dissidents from « French democracy », as the deadline approaches, should contact their representatives in parliament to readjust the doomsday clock, to bring the mninute hand back from midnight minus two (its current position), and to inject if possible some humanism into the presidential brain. Thus we will gain the power to decide about every one of the rights, true or false, that affect our lives, and to either protect or condemn them or even abolish them.

Yes, we all have the right to live in dignity. We have the right to simply live. And President Macron, alias the god Jupiter, from his palace, has no right to deprive us of our vital rights… in the name of the « vital interests » of someone unidentified – perhaps himself, or Dassault or Lagardère or Paribas**.

His persistence in playing the tyrant despite the Constitution and all the warnings he has received amounts to forfeiture, as has been said. His majority supporters in the Assemblée nationale should themselves understand him and draw the logical conclusion. The Republican State, if it is to avoid or surmount street violence, does not have to engage in violent assaults ; it should show an example, should practise the justice and virtues that it preaches, should respect the humanity in its citizens and those of other countries, should ban State Terror from its territory and from others.

Paul Quilès, a former Minister of Defense, gave his reflections on nuclear disarmament the appropriate title : « Nuclear, a French Lie ». Indeed it takes a huge tissue of lies to mask the violence of these weapons and the absurdity of the deterrence discourse that tries to justify them. These lies gradually, through their hypocrisy and their cynicism in the service of a small « dominant » elite, corrupt the whole social fabric. Including the Parliament ? Time will tell.

Let’s make an end to atomic terror, and also to mutilating grenades. That will be a change in software, a change in era, a change in air. A healthy wind to clean the stables of Augias.

"Faced with the terrifying perspectives that now open to humanity… an order, not a prayer, needs to rise from the peoples to the governments, the order to choose definitively between hell and reason." (Albert Camus, Combat, 8 août 1945)

Jean-Marie Matagne, Yellow Vest
Président de l’Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire (ACDN)


* Thus anything in the "president’s special domain" was excluded from themes open for discussion, the reduction in military budgets and especially the nuclear arms budget, was ruled out. For five days ACDN strove to have the referendum bill put on the list for the Great Debate among the NGO items. In vain. To claim that it was possible to air all subjects in this « Great Debate » was a total lie. Likewise access to the Paris International Peace Forum, in November 2018, was denied to ACDN..

Cf. Lettre au Président Macron, à propos du Forum de Paris sur la Paix et du désarmement

In France, disarmament, nuclear and general, is a taboo subject. For the government as for the mafia, criminal trade requires a code of silence. Above all, never undermine our prestige as a « great power » or criticise our arms exports !!

** BNP-Paribas, the bank that invests 7 billion dollars in nuclear arms… and sponsors the Paris Peace Forum.
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