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"A New World"? April Fools!

Published 10 April 2020

On April 1, 2020, ACDN published on its website this sensational item: "Emmanuel Macron gives up nuclear weapons !". No informed observer of French politics will have doubted that this was a Fool’s Day Joke or as the French say, a « poisson d’avril », an “April Fish”, actually a big fat one. Almost a whale. In fact, to quote the White House occupant, it was “fake news”. But this fake item was so visibly fake that it was neither ”fake” nor ”news”. A joke, in short, which you may judge to be good or bad.

Yet there are jokes that are truer than many statements from the White House or the Elysée Palace. (Not difficult!). To ascertain the truth, we must simply distinguish the true from the false, the serious from the jokey, the flesh from the bones. Let us try that, starting with the false.

Daisies freed from lockdown and waiting sadly for radioactive contamination.

No, President Macron has not renounced nuclear weapons. He has never said anything or put out any media release to this effect. He has said the precise opposite. For him the nuclear strike-force, dubbed “deterrence force” or “nuclear deterrent”, or just “deterrent” remains the cornerstone of France’s security…. the cornerstone of our security and the guarantor of our vital interests” (speech of 7 February 2020 at the Ecole de Guerre).

No, he does not intend to finally implement Article VI of the NPT. France has flouted this treaty for 28 years, and the three nuclear states present when it was drafted have ignored it for 50 years.

No, he does not intend to invite to Paris the other nuclear heads of state to negotiate with them “the complete and controlled elimination of their weapons.”

No, he will not close France’s arms programmes, be they nuclear or conventional, and will not shut the factories in question, neither during the lockdown nor after.

No, he will not ask the Parliament to divert the nuclear weapons credits to other budget areas, neither to Health nor to Education nor Social Services.

The 37 billion euros assigned to renewing and tarting up our SNA, SNLE, M51, ASMP-A (subs and missiles -"A" means “ameliorated") will continue to be reserved for these masterpieces of human intelligence, for the greater glory of French Science and Wisdom. This part of the arms budget will increase by 50% between 2019 and 2024. The overall defense budget will reach 2% of GDP.

President Macron means to keep his finger close to the atomic button. That is his royal prerogative, which he cherishes, and the more is spent on it the more he will be royally pleased. When you are Jupiter, you value your status.

Finally, he has not said either that the production and export of weapons would cease, whether to the United Arab Emirates or anywhere else. A great peace-lover, the founder in 2018 of the Paris Peace Forum, he will not give up anything military.
Alas! Especially because...

Primroses bombed and irradiated after release from lockdown, contaminated and contagious once more. Needing new lockdown.

Yes, thanks to our visionary president, France will remain capable of causing a billion deaths in other countries – no less, no more, that is our lovable desire for strict sufficiency, which makes us so likeable to foreigners– therefore also 67 million deaths at home, by return mail. (As our poet Jean Racine once asked, “to whom are those whistling snakes above your heads?”) Thanks to this president, the French will be able to go on thinking they are safe from war – from real war, when people don’t help each other but kill – and crowing like patriotic roosters.

When the war against the coronavirus ends with a victory, of course necessarily, France will emerge from lockdown to resume full employment and boost her economy, as did Hitler’s Germany, by means of the arms industry which makes France already the world’s no. 3 arms-vendor, just after the two Big Players, and makes her able to master her balance of payments. Quite important, that balance.

And then, thanks to the control of minds and bodies and “mobilities” which were introduced to counter the virus and which will become like second nature, “a necessary evil”, thanks to video-surveillance and control of information, thanks to generalised tracing, testing, monitoring, recording and policing, France will know how to quickly confront the next bacteriological attack, the one that her nuclear weapons will have failed to deter.

Lastly, as President Macron has substantially said, and as our “fake news of April 1” had him say: “the world of tomorrow will never be like that of yesterday and today.”
So true. Since it will be worse! Why so?

Because, in the fake words of our president-generalissimo, and as he has substantially said twice: “We must make changes, and that will certainly be painful, but indispensible, in our habits, our priorities, our behaviours and our ways of thinking.”

Now this painful revision is impossible for him or us unless we abolish the nuclear and radioactive weapons, the “cornerstone” not of security for France and the world, but on the contrary, “the cornerstone of the system of state terror which organised our universal, permanent and radical insecurity, the insecurity which means that every nation carrying the atomic virus is the mortal enemy of all the others and at every moment threatens to blow up our planet and bring about the Apocalypse.

That is something that Generalissimo Macron, his councilors, acolytes and subordinates are incapable of understanding, admitting, or desiring.

Look instead at what the reigning Prince and his acolytes are capable of. During the lockdown, they are keeping their armament factories going full speed. During the lockdown, they have done even worse: they ordered the French Armed Forces to prepare a nuclear attack.

Sky in Brittany, on the night of March 31 – April 1, 2020. Operation named "Poker". Simulation of an apocalypse. The Strategic Air Forces, on the order of the President, simulate an atomic strike with an ASMP-A missile (air to surface, medium-range, improved). 20 times more powerful than "Little Boy," the bomb that annihilated Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

On the above photo (which we have replaced with another in order to respect Defense Secrecy), you can see in particular an AWACS radar plane, a fat Phénix carrier, and four Rafale aircraft. The missile-carrier is among them, probably at the centre. The artichoke head that you don’t see is in reality a nuclear warhead. The population fictionally bombed just underneath must be Chinese, since China has sent us a virus but not the million masks we ordered to protect our vital interests. (Besides, the Chinese are yellow, as is well-known, and say they are communist, which doesn’t help). In truth, however, the population being targeted is French and in full lockdown, because the Chinese don’t allow us to run exercises in their country (one wonders why). The pilots visible in their cockpits are wearing antivirus masks on top of their usual masks and are scrupulously respecting all barrier-regulations. The citizens of France can be reassured. Clearly, they are protected, from all possible quarters.

APRIL FOOLS JOKE? NOT AT ALL! This “Poker Game” was well and truly played above Brittany on the night of 31 March to 1 April 2020..

In the middle of the epidemic, France is showing that her strike-force is intact.

The Phénix in action is an Airbus A 330 MRTT of the Brittany squadron, the same or similar to the one which, on 24 March, transferred – with fanfares of publicity – the coronavirus patients from Mulhouse hospital in the east to Brest and Quimper in the west.

(Florence Parly is the minister of Armies)

So one day we save (perhaps) a few lives, and a week later we hold a night exercise in wiping out hundreds of thousands of others, millions even. It is true that the coronavirus victims were French while our bomb’s victims won’t be (in theory). But in both cases it is all done with our taxes, in our name, in the name of France and the values of the Republic. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Let’s hope that our leaders succeed, without undue increases in the financial cost and the list of victims, in bringing us through this health crisis which they didn’t see coming, which they didn’t prepare for and which they managed horribly. But let’s not count on them desiring, unless compelled,, to undertake the changes needed to build a new world that is more just, more sane, more reasonable, a peaceable, convivial, fraternal, human world, in short a world that will be good to live in, a world without megatons and without additional radiation.

What we need is additional soul, not additional ineptitude (to put it politely).

French citizens, we do well to mobilise together against the coronavirus. So much generosity, devotion and invention could prefigure a different world and different human relations. But above all let’s not think that when we will exit from lockdown we will enter a better world, not unless we do what is needed to impose one on the strategists of misery, their clones and their successors. Don’t think that good sentiments will suffice. We need to radically change our economic, ecological and social policies, but also our diplomatic and military policies.

Let’s trespass into the "reserved domain" of the prince-consort and banish him from it. Let’s drag Jupiter from his underground nuclear HQ under Elysée Palace and send him to work at a negotiation table – or else, if he refuses, to face a tribunal, the International Court of Justice or the European Court of Human RIghts for instance. Let’s demand that taxes are no longer used for preparing wars but for building peace and making the world livable. Let’s demand the end to arms-sale by France and the worldwide dismantling of extermination weapons – nuclear, biological and chemical. We are an immense majority – 85% according to an IPSOS Poll - who would like that. Let’s demand to be given a say, through a referendum or otherwise, and let’s impose our good sense in this area as in others. It is what conditions the rest.

The world will never change, except for the worst, unless we attack the root of evil, the worst of evils : war. War that is waged, imposed, undergone. War that starves people, destroys cities, mutilates, tortures and kills. War that is being prepared for on the pretext of preserving us from war… which ends up breaking out anyway.

Let’s act for life, for peace. Let’s act while there is still time. Let’s act, together, now.

View online : "Nuclear Policy: A referendum to abolish nuclear and radioactive weapons" (Op-ed in "Le Monde")

L'argent est le nerf de la paix ! ACDN vous remercie de lui faire un DON

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