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France under Threat from NBCs

Published 19 November 2015

Media Release, ACDN, 19 Nov. 2015

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared this morning in the National Assembly: “We are at war! Not a war of the kind to which history has tragically accustomed us. No, a new war – external and internal – which has terror as its first objective and first weapons. The macabre imagination of the enemy commanders has no limit: assault rifles, decapitations, human bombs, swords [...] Today we must rule out nothing. I speak of course with all necessary precautions, but we know and we are aware of this. There can also be the risk of chemical and bacteriological weapons.”

So why did the PM not mention the worst of all these threats: the nuclear threat? Because it is the one for which France and the eight other nuclear states claim the monopoly, the one they brandish against the rest of the world, on the vain and specious pretext that they give protection against attacks?

Not only does the state terror constituted by nuclear weapons fail totally, as Daesh has proved, to deter terrorists from attacking our “vital interests” and the lives of our citizens, but in addition it invites them to raise the level of their crimes up to the level which the nuclear powers claim for themselves. On November 16, in saying No to Terrorism, No to State Terror, let’s Change our Software, we declared:

“Terrorists can do so, either by getting an atom bomb on the black market (still difficult to do) or by getting the materials for building one, or (much more easily) by attacking the radioactive targets that our nation offers permanently: the 58 electronuclear reactors in our 19 plants, recently overflown by unidentified drones, or the plutonium transports which move through France every week carrying hundreds of kilos from north to south and west to east, through four different itineraries which all endanger dozens of towns, including Paris. When you know that inhaled plutonium dust, even a millionth of a gram, can cause a cancer within six months, a fatal lung cancer, then you shudder at the idea that one of these might be targeted by a bazooka shot or might burst in flame when hitting a tanker lorry, or just any lorry, as happened in the recent accident at Puisseguin.

“Our political strategists and leaders seem to have never realized that in times of war (and we are at war, they keep telling us) a nuclear power-plant, or a plutonium or radioactive waste transport, are like radiological bombs placed at the enemy’s disposal.”

For nearly twenty years ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire) has been calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons. According to a recent poll conducted by IFOP, three French citizens out of four want to abolish nuclear weapons, and want France to contribute actively to the process. It is high time our rulers took seriously this demand.

As a matter of urgency, we ask the President of the Republic, the PM and the Government to:
1. immediately suspend all transports of plutonium and radioactive fuel and waste;
2. reinforce considerably the protection of all the nuclear power-plants and other basic nuclear installations;
3. decide to abandon nuclear power generation and urgently set up a phase-out plan;
4. use diplomatic contacts in the coming days to propose to all the nuclear states that they negotiate the total elimination of their nuclear weapons, in conformity with international treaties, under mutual and international control that is strict and effective, and also to cooperate closely to counter the risk of radioactive and nuclear terrorism.

Should the first of these measures not be taken, we would be led to call on all the mayors of municipalities located along the pathway of transports of plutonium and other radioactive materials, and urge them to pass edicts forbidding these from crossing their areas of jurisdiction, in order to protect their people from a major risk threatening their health and their lives.


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