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Plutonium Transports, Protection of Power-plants, an End to Nuclear: the Presidential Assurances.

Published 2 December 2015

On Friday 20 November, ACDN wrote to President Hollande to draw his attention to the fact that the terrorist attacks « could also take on a nuclear or radioactive character ». Our registered letter, posted that day, reached the Elysee Palace on Monday 23rd. The President took note of it and tasked his Chief of Staff, Madame Isabelle Sima, with answering. Below is her answer dated 25 November, along with our first reaction to it.

Published in French on 1 December 2015

The President’s Chef de Cabinet
to Monsieur Jean-Marie Matagne
president of ACDN

Paris, 25 NOV. 2015

Monsieur le Président,

The President of the Republic has received your letter and entrusted me with the task of replying.

Be assured that it was taken note of your concerns and observations concerning the nuclear risk in the context of the terrorist threat.

Yours sincerely,

Isabelle Sima

ACDN Comments

First let us thank the President of the Republic for responding to us and his Chief of Staff for sending an answer that is both brief and diligent.

So we are "assured". But of what ? Of the fact that « it was taken note of (our) concerns and observations concerning the nuclear risk in the context of the terrorist threat. » ? That’s already something. But whether we are reassured is less certain.

Which of our three propositions « taken note of » will give rise to effective measures ?

- Will it be increasing security at power-plants and ban all visits, including those in the context of « Teaching Defense » ?

- Or banning all plutonium transports, at least while the state of emergency lasts ?

- Or reconsidering France’s nuclear policies, both civil and military, from the standpoint of the safety and security of the nation’s people ?

That would be great. A sort of unexpected fallout from the tragic attacks of 13 November. But is it the case ?
We can only wish. And count

- on the personnel of the nuclear plants’ and the Education Nationale, to verify the first point ;

- count on the mayors of the towns and cities traversed by the plutonium lorries and their so-called security cortege, to ensure that they are no longer passing through – and if not to ban their passage and mobilise public forces to stop them – it is a question of the security, health and lives of the people in their localities ;

- count on the journalists and all our compatriots to ascertain whether at the end of the COP 21 Conference France has really grasped the opportunity of review her energy policies and to head towards phasing out nuclear power-generation.
Nuclear power, yes, and nuclear weapons, why not – since climate and peace go together, as the President himself has said.

This matter is one to follow carefully, then. We will follow it and we have confidence that the press and media not subservient to the nuclear lobby will make it a hot current issue. France 2, for example.

To act on these lines with us, you can write to

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