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"The Iranian Threat" and threats of war against Iran:
"Israel will not lower its guard." Nor will Bush and Sarkozy.

Published 9 December 2007

You thought we shouldn’t believe all the Iranians said. But then you thought that the report of the US National Intelligence Estimate, released last Monday, largely contradicted the alarmists who were advocating a show of strength. Doesn’t it state that the Iranians ceased all military nuclear programmes in 2003 and that, in the worst-case scenario, they would take until 2010 to obtain enough weapons-grade uranium to build even one bomb? Well it’s not like that! You’ve got it all wrong!

ACCORDING TO Journal du Dimanche, International 06/12/2007 - 07:35 :


"According to David Martinon, on the night of Wednesday-Thursday Nicolas Sarkozy received a call from George Bush. The two presidents spoke of Iran’s nuclear dossier. "He (George Bush) presented the conclusions of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) and the new elements found in it, notably on the nuclear-weapons activities carried out by Iran, " said the spokesman of the Sarkozy administration. "The French president indicated that, if the findings were confirmed, the international community’s preoccupations since 2002 about Iran’s nuclear intentions would be further reinforced" he added."

And Sophie Castella, writing for Guysen International News, on Wednesday 5 December 2007 at 14:27, said (Translated from French by P.L. for ACDN) :

"Iranian Threat : Israel will not lower its guard"

The publication of the latest NIE report, which says that Iran allegedly stopped working on an atomic weapons in 2003, has prompted various reactions, in the USA, in Israel and in the rest of the world. In order to highlight to necessity of new sanctions against Iran, Israel has embarked on a veritable diplomatic campaign, out of concern for the negative repercussions on the handling of the Iran question that might result from this document.

On Tuesday 4 December, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tsipi Livni, spoke with some Israeli ambassadors, asking them to immediately continue the struggle against Iran’s nuclear programmes.

"All are in agreement that the world cannot accept a nuclear Iran. That nation’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons have been shown, and it is clear that Iran continues to work to obtain nuclear technologies," she declared.

"The policy of sanction has proven effective, and determined coordinated action is needed to intensify this policy by every means available," she added.

What Israel fears is the repercussions that this report could have on some countries, particularly China and Russia, which oppose new sanctions against Iran. Such a document could indeed prompt these countries, both permanent members of the Security Council, to harden their positions.

This fear indeed seems justified, because soon after the report was released some representatives of the Chinese government said that they had not changed their opinion on the Iran question and that a solution must be sought through dialogue.

For his part, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, maintained that this new document would weigh significantly on the decisions concerning the need for new sanctions against Tehran.

However President Putin, during a meeting on Wednesday 5 December with Said Jalili, the Iranian negotiator on nuclear matters, expressed the wish that "all Iran’s nuclear programmes" should be "open and transparent and should develop under the control of the IAEA."

Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Manushehr Mottaki is shortly expected to visit Russia, where he plans to discuss future nuclear cooperation.

Although the representatives of the White House have claimed that Iran no longer constituted an "urgent threat" for the USA, President Bush, while speaking at a press conference, emphasized the existence of the Iranian nuclear danger and made a point of declaring that resort to force against Iran was still being considered.

"I see this report as an alarm signal proving that they [i.e. the Iranians] had the programme but ended it," he declared.

Such words do not seem to reassure Israel’s Minister of Defence, Ehud Barak. "Words will not stop missiles, action will", he said on Tuesday 4 December.

However, not everyone seems to disapprove of the report’s conclusions and dispute its usefulness. In Vienna the International Atomic Energy Agency declared that the document corroborated the results published in recent years by its own inspectors.

"This new US evaluation should help to defuse the current crisis", said the IAEA’s director-general Mohammed ElBaradei.

Whatever others were saying, the Iranian government was very enthusiastic in greeting this new report. President Ahmedinejad judged it to be a "victory for the Iranian nation over the international powers"

The Iranian government has therefore asked the UN Security Council to cease its consideration of the Iran dossier, which "no longer has a reason to exist."

Although this document stipulated that in 2003 Iran stopped working to build a nuclear weapons, we must note nevertheless that despite important technical problems and international pressure, Iran could by the year 2010 or 2015 produce enough enriched uranium to build an atom bomb.

That possibility has been postponed, not annulled.

So, for President Bush: "resort to force against Iran is still being considered", for President Sarkozy: "the international community’s preoccupations since 2002 about Iran’s nuclear intentions would be further reinforced", and for Ehud Barak: "Words will not stop missiles, action will".



PLEASE SIGN THE "APPEAL TO ALL EUROPEANS: TO PREVENT THE WAR AGAINST IRAN" AND SEEK SIGNATURES from the elected representatives, personalities and political leaders that you know.

L'argent est le nerf de la paix ! ACDN vous remercie de lui faire un DON

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